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Afghanistan was the continuously hardest place I’ve ever been to - the relentlessness of it, the threat level.

When I was there in 2007 for Ross Kemp in Afghanistan there were 18-hour patrols, there were injuries, there were people not making it back.

In 2005 she was arrested by police and spent a night in the cells after an altercation at their home, although she was not charged.

Kemp moved into documentary making after becoming known as soap hardman Grant Mitchell, but is now focusing on launching his own fashion label called Standard Issue, which explains his presence at the Retail Trust Ball.

She was first spotted with Kemp in November 2011 — the same month that his ex-lover Nicole Coleman was reportedly giving birth to his first child.

Kemp married Rebekah Wade, then editor of The Sun, in 2002, but she was granted a quickie divorce seven years later on the grounds of his adultery.

I’ve been in some difficult situations for my documentaries on gangs, in Afghanistan and for my Extreme World series.

We don’t set out looking for jeopardy though; we set out looking for stories.

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My first proper kiss was at a kids’ disco when I was 11. I’m always thinking about the next job and getting back in one piece. We interview a woman whose children were poisoned by ISIS – one was a baby. I don’t think about my image enough to know what would be bad for it. Ross Kemp quietly married his new partner Renee O’Brien over a year ago, the Standard can reveal.The fiercely private former East Enders star made a rare public appearance with his new wife, right, at the Retail Trust Ball at Grosvenor House in Park Lane.Ross is a private man so hasn't been broadcasting the news, but it hasn't been a secret to those around him.

The couple stay away from the spotlight." Kemp was previously married to beleaguered former newspaper editor Rebekah Brooks, who has been caught up in the phone-hacking scandal which led to the closure of News of the World newspaper in 2011.

I’ve been called worse things, but I won’t repeat them. It bounced back badly for me, which I knew it would, but it was the right thing to do.