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02-Jan-2018 13:08

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Also as Jonathon brought up, shouldn’t a man deciding to treat a woman financially on a date be seen as something voluntary?

A positive part of his personality, so how is a woman requiring a man pay the first few dates not a test?

If a person told me while we were in the bed room right before sex that she had an STD, I would be completely blinded!

Zack Carter is an assistant professor of communication at Taylor University. D., is a psychotherapist and blogger, and teaches in the Department of Counseling at Barry University.

But by her own admission, Duff didn't know any differently.

How do you navigate this thing that you may have been absent from for years and years? Find out on today’s episode with guest co-host Leslie Battle…Dating after Divorce1) DO take your time–no need to rush into finding “the two”.

It’s tempting to go out with someone for companionship, simply because I’m lonely. It may take longer, but he will make the wait worthwhile. If you haven’t learned to trust God with every single piece of your broken heart. Take the time to let God heal you so you are a healthy, whole individual. Are you firmly established in God’s purpose for your life? (I hear God saying, “Write your book.”) Can you model a godly dating relationship for your kids? They are entering a period where peer pressure about dating relationships is mounting.

School is mostly about giving the right answers to questions.… continue reading »

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