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Newcomers and shy folks need not fear that they won’t fit in, because our events are meant for *all* .Every member is capable of – and encouraged to – dream up and host their own events. In three weeks, I will return to Charlottesville, Virginia.It is not because it became last Saturday the site of an American pogrom.Jess Farmer is a senior women's basketball player at Elon University in North Carolina.Aly Quintana, graduated a year ago and was on the softball team.

We’ve even found that some of our best Host Grrrls are often newcomers or Shy Grrrls.

Last weekend dozens of people were injured during violence sparked by the Unite the Right rally and counter protests.

Two law enforcement officers were killed in a helicopter crash, a 20-year-old young African-American man was beaten bloody by a mob and one woman, Heather Heyer, was run over by a car and killed. ,” “Race Traitors,” “F—k You Fa—ots” and “Jews Will Not Replace Us” pierced the air. The liberal Jewish movements have undergone dramatic shifts in their approach to gay, lesbian and transgender Jews in the past two decades, but among the Orthodox the changes have been far less dramatic — and in many quarters, virtually nonexistent.

North Carolina comes in mid-range in terms of the percentage of LGBT residents in the state when compared to others states.

When ranked by total population of LGBT individuals, however, the state fares much better, coming in 11th.Theirs is a girl-meets-girl-and-fall-in-love story we still don't hear enough about.